1. Removed first reboot prompt from the SMS installer
  1. Added SalesByProduct report to menu
  2. Added Status=Pending to Open Estimates by Salesperson by Date report
  3. Imported Estimate Analysis report into various configs
  4. Added a number of other various reports to report sets that were missing them.
  5. Adjusted Estimate reports to include Date parameters
  1. #289018 - Voiding a credit card payment is being processed as a Refund (10282)
  1. 8.91 install has Control and Easy Estimating options turned on in SSLIP.mdb (10488)
  1. #293916 - Order Payments not showing up on Standard Invoice
  2. Line item sort not working properly for Estimate reports
  3. Adjusted formatting, width, alignment, and suppression formulas on various reports
  4. Added suppression to TaxID Number label if field is null/blank
  1. #290761 - Product Discount Product Table headers are not named properly (10360)
  2. #290528 - Un-Close Day removes multiple lines from the Closeout database (10307)
  3. #294637 - SSLIP crashes on first run after reboot in new install of 8.91 (10623)
  4. Failed to open database. Please reboot your computer. 8.91 Fresh install. (10626)