1. Add an option “Exclude Set-up charge from Second Side percent of base calculation on products”. (9142)
    • Option is located in Mgmt > Set-Up > Setup User Options > System Options
  1. Added new update with a query to repair Product Royalty Groups if set to NULL (9502)
  1. #281686 - A/V when you right click in the message body in the Report Criteria window of a report (9484)
  2. A/V when clicking on the explore button in the Pay-Status screen (9357)
  1. Activity Manager not loading contacts for new appts on scheduled contact screen. (9288)
  1. Company being automatically chosen on New Orders (9527)
  1. #288918 - Credit card processing failed due to card number missing digits (10253)
  1. #278499 - Doesn't give you a pencil to draw artwork when adding image (9279)
  2. Changing an Order from Closed to Picked-Up drops all line items (9911)
  1. Added the Entered By, Salesperson, and Product Name on Estimates fields to the Order / Estimate tables then updated reports to use these fields. This change will prevent the reports from intermittently failing to display this information. This was a fix to resolve a conflict between Paradox and Crystal Reports. (9555)
    • Note: This update may take some time to complete. We have already improved on the update formula used to hopefully increase speed with this.
  2. #279772 - Credit Card payments are not showing on the Processed Credit Card report. (9475)
  3. #281677 - Line items are not in the proper sequence on Invoice and Work Order reports. (9477)
  4. Child line items all showing up as “A” on Invoice and Work Order reports. (9476)
  5. Added WIP Summary By Disposition report under Reports > Order Status. This report sorts by Status, Disposition, Due Date, Due Time, then Proof Date.
  6. #279772 - Credit Card payments are not showing on the Processed Credit Card report (9475)
  7. #284292 - Royalty report showing dollar symbol instead of pound symbol when Regional settings are set to UK
  8. Packing Slip child line items all showing up as “A”
  9. Sales By Product Category not showing categories correctly
  10. Closeout Listing having excessively long load times
  11. AR Detail not displaying contact information of the billing contact
  1. Failed to set calendar date or time error when you don't have “Automatically calculate due date” and “Allow due date before today” enabled in User Options. (9469)
  1. This only applies to some franchise installs, when pressing CTRL + F9 the prompt for a password has a label asking for “None Password” instead of just “Password”. (9311)
  2. Tuned database update queries to work more efficiently to help reduce upgrade time. (9555, 9857)
  3. SSLIP does not shut down completely on occasion (9749)
  4. #282338 - File or directory does not exist when trying to create a new company (9741)
  5. #281786 - Credit card info is not unmasking if entered before the 8.91 update (9485)
  6. View Contact Order from Activity Mgr opens up to -1 record so you can't Edit (10119)
  7. Carbonite causes SMS.exe to crash during backup due to Document Mgmt referencing issue (10285)