1. Increased stability with Windows 7 and later operating systems related to the “sandbox” issue discovered in 8.6 with later versions of Windows. Backend changes were made to decrease the likelihood that users would experience issues with getting clients and server into SMS, regardless of the order in which the program was opened on those computers.
  1. Error if you try to save new Company when the Contact doesn't have a phone number filled in (8887)
  2. Access violation when attempting to use Company explorer if you had a company in the program that had a completely blank company name (9183)
  1. Credit Card Numbers are not unmasking properly on Orders (8870)
  1. Documents Folder shows the name of the company you cloned it from on creation (refresh issue) (8888)
  2. Documents tab doesn't refresh properly when you convert an Estimate to an Order (8891)
  3. Error on the Document Management tab in Store Information Setup on specific database (8892)
  1. Estimate Text being stripped of Returns in Outlook Message Body (8998)
  2. Email Signature is not converted during first use (9011)
  1. Tab order after entering initial line item on an Order does go where you would expect it to (8825)
  2. Resize doesn't work correctly on the History tab of an Order (8910)
  3. All areas for change status should say Picked-Up instead of Sale (8933)
  4. Add Artwork is not selectable when working inside of an Order (8935)
  5. Order Number jumping to Last Estimate Number (8997)
  6. #276320 - Estimates showing a history tab but they shouldn't (9057)
  7. Non-Taxable Amount in GL is incorrect when using Order level discounts and manually overridden Non-Taxable Amounts (9170)
  1. Print Group is sending out 3 copies of the same report instead of each individual report (8936)
  2. Re-worked all invoices and estimate templates to utilize sub-reports to pull Salesperson, Entered By, and Product Description. This was a long-standing issue seen by users since 8.6.
  1. Copy To button needs visual fix and causes error when used (8880)
  1. Old time cards appearing in Time Clock (8862)
  2. Manually closed time cards are left open in timeclock table (9034)
  1. Updater asks for a backup immediately after doing a backup (8818)
  2. Add Help > Contact Tech Support to the Menus (8762)
  3. Updates are required for 2 tables are not possible because the database is read only (8833)
  4. Unable to add ModifiedByComputer to GL Database (8855)
  5. Modified SMS to ignore bad XML syntax found in the Modifier's XML caused by index and database table corruption (8902)
  6. Not installing the manuals into the “Manuals” directory (8996)
  7. Add firewall exceptions to SMS installers (8955)