1. Report Checker displays access Violation when loading
  2. Errors when printing reports after altering default report menu structure
  3. Removed dialog box that appears during status change on order to Picked-Up
  4. Access violation when posting payment during new order creation process
  5. Refresh modifier changes after edit apparent in v2000 and v8 releases
  6. Editing/saving product changes returns you to default tab instead of the previously selected tab
  7. Email Attachments (Reporting Setup: adding default attachments)
  8. Access Violation after executing the database refresh utility
  9. Report template not displayed on menu once enabling “show on menu” if previous setting for systemreport “show on menu” was disabled
  10. Email Invoice/Estimate: Order description does not appear in subject when printing from explorer
  11. Inactive customer record failed to alert user of “inactive” customer status upon order creation
  12. Mouse cursor defaulting to have focus on “text” field of line items when in edit mode
  13. Emailing Invoice Report: (Syntax error in address)
  1. Ability to View/Edit Estimate Greetings during Estimate entry
  2. Credit limit exceeded notice during status change on order to Picked-Up
  3. Ability to clone price sheets
  4. Additional explorer color options: Orders in WIP (Due Date/Proof Date)
  5. Ability to specify outgoing mail server port (AOL Users)
  6. Ability to search for Tax ID Expiration Date in marketing module.
  7. User Option: Notification of credit account status during order creation
  8. Notification of accounting treatment when issuing/adjusting customer credit.
  9. Reporting Setup: Ability to select previous close out (daily, monthly, yearly, royalty, export)
  1. Customer email address not populating To: field from payment entry window
  2. Tax Exempt # does not refresh with current tax exempt # from customer record when cloning orders
  3. Individual reports from Quick Reports section display report parameters for entire group
  4. System) Quick Report Group still appears after disabling “show on menu” option
  5. Incorrect Invoice printing from payment entry window
  1. Tax expiration date for Tax Exempt # on customer account added (with notification on order creation)
  2. Full-Screen view for Print/Preview
  3. WIP Summary by JobBox report template
  4. WIP Summary by ProofDate report template
  5. Additional options to require first name of contact and address during company creation
  1. Invoice templates improperly folding for #10 envelope
  2. Entry of Discount using Enter/Tab sequence nulls discount value
  3. Voided Status on Invoice templates not appearing
  4. Occurrence of speed notes displaying empty values
  5. Inability to post overpayment to a prospect
  6. Change Status dialog box within Explorer improperly sized
  7. Reassignment of orders to Prospect fails to modify customer standing to Client
  8. Key Violation when applying credit on new or cloned orders
  9. System passwords fail to secure the reports menus
  10. Contact email address within Explorer is empty
  11. Invalid printer specified when using HP LaserJet 1012
  12. Pdoxusrs.net and Paradox.lck errors while utilizing Import/Export utilities
  13. Invoice/Estimate templates missing * identifier denoting overridden line item price
  14. Increase Pricing: Allows selection of specific category without checkbox enabled
  15. Access Violation: Closing multiple reports preview windows at once
  16. Blank “Sides” field upon editing order, when min and max sides is 1 in product setup
  17. Spelling of “Authentication” located under Email Options
  18. Added explanation for Grace Period on Payment Terms to Customer Statement report
  19. Modified “Sales by Zip Code” template to sort by 1st 3 digits (Canadian Datasets)
  20. Added “Reassign Customer Records” to Company drop-down menu
  21. Order No truncated within multi-order payment window
  22. Product Importer failed to rename “Product Code” during import when specified
  23. QuickBooks export failed to save for English(Australian) users
  1. Mass Email from Marketing Module, invalid separator
  2. Path to Marketing Word Reports
  3. “Sum is between” results in 0.000 Values
  4. Sequencing of customer query returns “Sum of Pre-tax Sales” in billion dollar amounts
  5. Inability to search for blank criteria
  6. View SQL Page “Show Advanced Screens” (enabled by right-click on Report Criteria in Step 3)
  1. Option to specify Status on Batch Invoices by Picked-Up Date
  2. Flag Option added for Products
  3. Employee selection required for changing Order Status
  4. Ability to modify column widths and positions within Explorer
  5. Quick Reports option to load accounting data export
  6. Quick Reports option to Access finance charges
  7. Option to void overpayments
  8. System Report identifier added to select report templates
  9. Work Order (Dimensions) Template added on select reporting datasets.
  10. Added “Working..” marquee during wait time
  11. User Option: Require email in Company Entry
  12. User Option: Automatically Calculate Due Date on Orders
  13. User Option: Additional Explorer Color Settings for Orders in WIP and Built
  14. Report Option: Added Invoice Tax-ID to report templates
  15. Report Option: Added Date Range to Estimate by Salesperson template
  16. Report Option: Added Invoice - Digital template to Standard Report set
  17. Report Option: Added Estimate - Digital template to Standard Report set
  18. Setup Option: Modification of Translation Tables