A listing of the sales taxes incurred for the selected time-period. Taxes are caused by two events: (1) Orders being marked Picked-Up, and (2) Editting or Voiding orders that were previously picked-up. This report is normally printed Monthly when sales taxes must be paid.

Report Breakdown

Order Number: The Invoice Number of the sale or other tax event.

Company Name: The name of the customer associated with the order.

Sales Sub-Total: The sales (for all production locations less order discounts) for the report period. This may not reflect the total sales for the order in the case of edits and adjustments.

Shipping: The shipping sales for this report period.

Interest: The interest or finance charges for this report period.

Taxes: The taxes associated with this sale for this report period. This will only reflect the taxes for the listed sales, and may be negative when orders are adjusted down or made tax exempt after they are picked-up.

Tax Exempt: Yes or no indicating if the entire order is tax exempt.

Install Sales: The amount of the sales subtotal for this period that was in the sub-account code of installation. This includes both taxable and non-taxable installations (if both are present).

Taxable: The amount of the Sales Sub-Total + Shipping + Interest that was taxable.

Non-Taxable: The amount of the Sales Sub-Total + Shipping + Interest that was not taxable.