Payments Report

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This report lists all payments for the selected time-period, arranged by Payment Groups and Payment Methods. This report is normally printed with each close-out so that cash and checks can be reconcilled prior to depositing in the bank.

Report Breakdown

Payment Group: The highest level of payment classification. All groups that contain payments in the report time period are displayed.
Payment Method: The type of payment for the reported transactions.
Pay Date: The date the payment was posted in the system.
Order: The order number this payment was applied to.
Status: The CURRENT status of the order.
Company: The name of the company for this order.
Description: The overall order description entered for this order.
Sales Total: The total amount of the order including any applicable taxes.
Payment: The amount entered in the system for hte payment received.
Number: The check or credit card number entered into the system for hte payment.
Entered By: The employee name entered in the system as the person receiving payment.
Payments Sub-Total: The total amount of payments received during the report period for the selected method.
Payment Group Sub-Total: The total amount of payment received during the report period for all payment methods in the selected group.
Payments Total: The sum of all payments received during the report period.

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