Login Failed. The Maximum number of authorized simultaneous users (X) with a full license are already logged in. You may not log in until another user with a full license logs out.

  • All Licenses are in use; SMS is open on (X) number of machines. Please check each machine that accesses SMS to verify that the software is not minimized or running behind another window
  • It is possible that SMS did not shut down properly on one of your computers when last used. An SMS Process that has been hung in the background of Windows will count as an active license. Verify the following:
    • Open Task Manager on each computer that runs SMS
    • Open the Processes tab if available and sort the list of Processes by Name
    • Scroll down until you find SMS.exe
    • If this computer has SMS open currently, there should be only one process for SMS.exe
    • If SMS is currently not open on that computer there should be no SMS.exe process running
  • If there are extra SMS.exe processes running in Wndows, please End those processes through task manager or restart those computers and then open SMS again.

After verifying the above list if you are still unable to log in with all user licenses simultaneously, please contact Tech Support for further assistance: