Note: This feature is available SMS 08.90.1005.2801pci versions and later.

Basic guide for configuring the ability to email from SMS using GMail settings.

There is not any risk to the program associated with configuring these options.

  1. Open SMS
  2. Click on Mgmt > Set-Up > Setup User Options.
  3. Click on Email Options.
  4. Click on the Edit button on the right side toolbar.
  5. Click on the drop down list for Email delivery option: and select Internal.
  6. Fill in the your Email Address.
  7. Enter in the SMTP Address.
  8. Select the Use TLS item in the SMTP / TLS drop down.
  9. Enter 587 for the SMTP Port.
  10. Fill in the Username for your GMail account.
  11. Fill in the Password for your GMail account.
  12. Check the Authentication required checkbox.
  13. Click on the Save button on the right side toolbar
  14. Click the Send Test Email button.
  15. If you get an Email Sent pop-up, click OK. You are now done configuring your email, if not, verify the Username and Password are correct

Error: “Please log into web application”

Solution: See this page and click the link about allowing less secure apps to access your Google account

Error: “Error connecting to SMTP: Socket Error # 10060 || Connection timed out.”

Solution: Verify the TLS Port setting is set to 587.

Error: “Failed to authenticate SMTP. Verify the email settings”

Solution: Verify the SMTP / TLS is set to Use TLS and the TLS Port is set to 587.

Error: “Error connecting to SMTP: Socket Error # 11004”

Solution: Verify the SMTP address is set to

Error: “Error sending email: Username and Password not accepted. Learn more at …”

Solution: Veify the User name and Pasword are correct.

Contributor: Development, Cyrious Software

Date: 05/18/2010

Version: SMS 08.90.1005.1801pci