The marketing module allows for the querying of data stored in the Cyrious SMS database. This how to will focus on exporting every email address from the database.




  1. Open Cyrious SMS
  2. Click on Marketing on the top menu and then select Marketing again.
    • SMS_Marketing_1.png
  3. Click on Contact Report
    • SMS_Marketing_ContactReport_1.png
  4. In the right-most column click the arrow on the INS button and choose Insert ALL (and).
    • SMS_Marketing_ContactReport_1a.png
  5. In the left-most column, click the + sign to expand Contact Criteria.
  6. Double click on General Criteria to expand the choices.
    • Double click to add Contact is Active
    • Double click to add Contact has an Email address set
  7. Verify the Report Criteria section resembles the example screenshot below.
    • SMS_Marketing_ContactReport_3.png
  8. Click the Next Step button in the bottom right corner to proceed to step 4. Preview & Sort Results.
    • SMS_Marketing_ContactReport_NextStep.png
  9. Click the Next Step button in the bottom right corner to proceed to step 5. Format & Output Report.
    • SMS_Marketing_ContactReport_NextStep.png
  10. Click on the button Save Data to File.
    • SMS_Marketing_ContactReport_3b.png
  11. Select any columns you desire to include in your export, be sure to include at a minimum EmailAddress.
  12. Verify the Export Format is set to Text File (comma delimited).
  13. Click Export Data to export the list of emails.
    • SMS_Marketing_ContactReport_4.png
  14. You can now open this file in excel or upload it to any other program and/or online service that accepts comma delimited files.


Contributor: Brandon Readlinger, Cyrious
Date: 3/31/2014
Version: SMS 8.6

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