The Cyrious Application Launcher is a program that resides on a client machine to locate and launch Cyrious SMS. It is designed to be the only thing that needs to be installed on the client.


When run, the typical sequence the Cyrious Launcher goes through is:

The launcher will attempt to search on your network for a running copy of the SSLIP (located on your server) in order to determine where you are running SMS.

It will then check the network to confirm that all necessary rights and permissions have been established, or are available.

It will then search the client machine to determine if any files are needed to run the application correctly.

Examples are Crystal Reports and Registry entries. If it recognizes that you need something, it will prompt you.

If you agree to the install, it will automatically locate the correct files, download them to your system, and then start the installation.

As long as everything is good to go, the Cyrious Launcher will then start a session of SMS.

Errors and Information messages

You may experience a situation where Cyrious Launcher is unable to automatically located your SSLIP on the network. The SSLIP is what sends the location information back to the launcher. This could happen if your SSLIP is running on a port offset, as well as if it's not running at all. You will be prompted to locate your executable on the network in order to continue. (Please note that you will need to type in a network location in the explorer that comes up as shown in the picture below.)

If you are unable to successfully locate your application, you will be asked to contact Cyrious Support for assistance.

If the Cyrious Launcher comes up with an error about being unable to connect to the shared folder, it's likely that the SSLIP running is too old to work properly with the launcher.

Resolution: Update the version of SMS, or use the normal client installer for SMS.