Activity Report (aka Daily Activity Report)


This is the primary financial summary report. It summarizes all General Ledger (GL) data into several columns for Sales and Balance Sheet Changes. Additional breakdown of payments is also included on the report. This report should be printed as the first page in each daily and monthly closeout.

Additional Information

To verify that your general ledger remains in balance, it is important to check during each daily close-out that the subtotal from the Sales Summary is equal to the total changes in the Balance Sheet Changes section. Both of these numbers are bolded (Outlined) and must be equal but opposite signs (one will be a debit and the other a credit). If these numbers are ever out of balance, call Cyrious Software technical support to investigate the problem.

Report Breakdown

(Beginning left side, top)

Financial Summary

Sales Summary (Section Description) *all sales are pre-tax, shown with totals for Today and MTD
(in this section are three sub-sections)
Sales In-Store
Sales Brokered
Sales Sub Contract
(each of these sub-sections contains the following
Base - actual line item sales total
Modifiers - actual modifier sales total
Discounts - total discounts given on individual items
Install - total dollars from installations
Subtotal - sum of the above four fields, for that sub-section (Should match total of the associated section in the Sales Report)
Order Discounts - total discounts given on order sub-totals
Credit Memos - total value of all credit memos …?
SUBTOTAL - sum of all fields so far
Shipping - total dollars due from shipping
Interest - total interest collected
SALES SUBTOTAL - sum of all fields so far
Credits Given - total value of all Credits…?
Write Offs - total of all amounts written off
Sales Less Expenses - sum of all fields so far (should match "TOTAL" field in "Balance Sheet Changes")
Taxable Sales - total of all taxable sales
Non-Taxable Sales - total of all non-taxable sales
State tax
County tax
Sales (after tax) - sum of all fields in this section

(beginning right side, top)


shown with totals for Today, MTD, and Total
Payments - total of all payments taken (Should match total Payments in the Payment Report)
A/Rs - total of all monies in Accounts Receivable - this is how that is calculated (Payments - (Deposits + Orders Due + Taxes Owed + Customer Credit))
WIP - total sales value of all Works In Progress
Built/FGI - total sales value of all orders Built (in Finished Goods Inventory)
Deposits - total dollars collected towards WIP
Cust. Credit - total Cust. Credit applied towards orders ?
Taxes owed - total dollar of taxes
Orders Due - difference between WIP and Built
TOTAL - sum of fields in this section (should match "Sales Less Expenses" field in "Sales Summary")

Sales Analysis

shown with values for Today, and MTD
Sales Goal - set in Mgmt / Setup Sales Goals
New Orders Placed - value of orders placed that time period (Should match total in the Orders Placed Report)
Orders Built - value of orders ?
Orders Picked-Up - value of orders ?
Orders Closed - value of orders ?

Payment Summary

(shown with values for Today and MTD, with write in fields for Cash Drawer and Notes)
Cash - total of cash deposits and payments taken in
Check - total of deposits and payments made with checks
Credit Card - total of deposits and payments made with Credit Card
Trade/Barter - total of deposits and payments made a trade or barter of goods or services
Debit Card - total of deposits and payments made with Debit Cards
Subtotal - subtotal of the above (Should match total Payments in the Payment Report)
Credits Given - total of credits given
TOTAL - Total of all items above


contains write in fields Cash & Checks on Hand
Less Amount of Deposit
Remaining Cash Box Balance


Closeout verified by: - signature or initials of responsible party
Date/Time : - date and time report was signed or initialed.

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